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What is Data Lineage ?

Data lineage includes the data origin, what happens to it and where it moves over time. Data lineage gives visibility while greatly simplifying the ability to trace errors back to the root cause in a data analytics process.

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CColumn Data Lineage

Rajat Venkatesh — 12/01/20201 Min Read — In Data Lineage

Open source Python project data-lineage now supports column level data lineage. Column lineage enables fine-grained data governance projects for all stake holders. Data Stewards can verify…

DData Lineage on Snowflake

Rajat Venkatesh — 07/01/20201 Min Read — In Snowflake, Data Lineage

This blog will describe how to generate data lineage using the data-lineage python package from query history in Snowflake. data-lineage generates DAG from parsing SQL statements in query history…

FFAQs on Data Lineage

Rajat Venkatesh — 02/29/20201 Min Read — In Data Lineage

What is meant by data lineage ? In Biology, lineage is a sequence of species each of which is considered to have evolved from its predecessor. Similarly, Data Lineage is a sequence of transformations…

DData Lineage on Redshift

Rajat Venkatesh — 09/20/20193 Min Read — In AWS Redshift, Data Lineage

Data Lineage tracks data transformation through all systems. It is important for data governance and security. In Data warehouses and data lakes, a team of data engineers maintain a canonical set of…