Use Cases

Data Stewards

Centralize business and technical metadata. Manage security, compliance, access and usage.

Data Engineers

Enable automation of production and maintenance of data sets. Create a data set marketplace to assist sharing of data sets with users.

Data Analysts

Self-service analysis by enabling data discovery.

Data Scientists

Data Discovery as well as manage intermediate data sets as part of AI/ML pipelines.


Auto-discover Datasets, Roles and Users

Auto discover databases, tables and users. Keep metadata up to date as data sets and technologies change over time.

Crowd Source Documentation

Enable users to be self-sufficient in maintaining and using the data dictionary.

Extensible with power of Docusaurus

Documentation is organized in a docusaurus generated static site.

Designed for AWS Glue Catalog

Designed to work with AWS Glue Catalog. Augments datasets in AWS Glue Catalog with business and technical documentation.