Use Cases


Developers may need (temporary) access for support and deploy.

Administrator or Operations

Administrators or Operations need access to databases to deploy, monitor and manage databases in general. A playbook may require direct access when reacting production alerts


Investigate time-sensitive customer support issues that cannot wait for a fix and deployment process.

Business Intelligence

Extract data from production databases for scheduled reports


Single Sign-on and MFA

Users login to DbAudit using your favorite Single Sign On and Multi-Factor Authentication system.

Approval Workflow

DbAudit integrates with approval workflows in your company. Integrate JIRA, Slack or any approval system with Tokern DbAudit.

Multiple Access methods

Access databases through the UI. Login through the command line with temporary credentials.

Audit Logging

All actions are logged and sent to log aggregators or SIEM systems.

Designed for the Cloud

Supports MySQL and Postgres databases on AWS RDS, AWS Aurora and Google Databases.

Protect all your databases

Auto discover databases. Automatically setup users and access policies based on tags for new databases

Open Source

Open Source. Run your own instance by downloading the latest Docker container.