Tag sensitive data by scanning column names and data. Tag sensitive data in open source data catalogs like Amundsen and Datahub. Schedule scans to always keep on top of PII data in your data warehouse.

You can use Tokern to track sensitive data in your warehouses and fast-track the remediation of any breach!

Jordi Costello, Co-Founder & CPO, Letgo, OLX

Programmatically monitor and manage access to sensitive data

Catalog users you have access to analyze sensitive data. Tag columns with PII data in Datahub or Amundsen. Audit users who have access to sensitive data.

Tokern's PIICatcher and Data Lineage enable users to scan and tag PII information and catalog users that have accessed this information, making investigation and remediation a breeze.

George Neville-Neil, Leading Security Practioner and Consultant at MSB Associates

Create and manage masked and redacted copies of data.

Segregate and protect tables containing sensitive data. Create copies or views of data with masked or redacted sensitive data.

To efficiently detect weak links in their data governance infrastructure, data owners and engineers need tools like Tokern's PIICatcher that are simple to deploy and use.

Roger Chen, Former Director of Product Safety and Security, Twitter

Database Support

Tokern is designed for the cloud and supports your multiple databases. Need support for your other databases? Reach out to us in our community!

Open source pii scanner for Snowflake
Open source pii scanner for AWS Redshift
Open source pii scanner for AWS Athena
Open source pii scanner for PostgreSQL
Open source pii scanner for SQLite

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