Column Data Lineage

Rajat Venkatesh — 12/01/20201 Min Read — In Data Lineage

Open source Python project data-lineage now supports column level data lineage. Column lineage enables fine-grained data governance projects for all stake holders.

  • Data Stewards can verify provenance and usage statistics as part of their compliance and security projects.
  • Data Engineers can trace impact of changes in their ETL/ELT scripts.
  • Data Owners can investigate and verify data quality across reports, dashboards and all data sets.

data_lineage is also unique in that it provides two modes of operations:

  • Run as a server and trace lineage visually
  • Load as a library in Jupyter notebooks and analyze lineage graphs in Python

These two modes enable non-technical as well as technical data users with the information they need.

Please give it a try if you need data lineage for your work and provide feedback.